5 Things To Do In Revere and Beyond This Spring 

Spring is such a welcome change from the dreary, often snowy weather we experience for months on end every winter here in New England. We all embrace the change of seasons as the temperature improves, the sun sticks around a little longer each day and the trees and flowers slowly begin budding again. 

Spring signals a time to get outdoors, explore nature, take part in activities and attend community events in the surrounding area. Let’s explore some fun things to do in Revere and the neighboring communities as we re-emerge this spring. 

kite boarding

Learn To Kiteboard 

We don’t always think about oceanside activities when envisioning springtime adventures, but learning to kiteboard this spring with New England Kite School at Revere Beach may be a great way to get ready for the summer months on the water. 

Imagine gliding above the water, working every muscle group and enjoying the spectacular views along Revere Beach. Learning how to kiteboard could give you access to just such experiences. 

Kiteboarding is now the fastest-growing sport in Massachusetts and New England. New England Kite School has been in business for 15 years offering kiteboarding lessons with certified instructors for a safe and fun experience at Revere Beach, on Cape Cod and several other locations across Massachusetts. 

Join the experienced crew as you learn more in safety and instructional classes and get started learning a new sport that will soon become your favorite. Revere Beach is easily accessible from the Wonderland T Station and makes for easy commuting and attending in-person classes even before the temperatures really heat up. 

Go For a Walk

The temperature may not be warm enough for a true beach day, but it sure is nice to take a walk along Revere Beach to enjoy the breezes, look for seashells and play with your pets. 

Revere Beach is not the only destination in Revere to enjoy a hike, bike or walk. The Track at Suffolk Downs offers a unique opportunity to walk with your furry friends while enjoying the new shops and stores at Suffolk Downs. This historic racetrack, where Seabiscuit once ran, is now open to the public daily from dawn to dusk (weather permitting). Bring a picnic lunch or get a workout in. There are plenty of places to explore at this exciting new destination. 

In addition to walking at Revere Beach and Suffolk Downs Track, Revere also has some woodland and marshlands to walk and hike with friends and family including Belle Isle Marsh, Lynn Woods Reservation and the Northern Strand Community Trail

USS Constitution

Explore Local Maritime History 

Just over the bridge from Revere, Massachusetts, you will find this gem of United States maritime history – the U.S.S. Constitution

The Constitution or “Old Ironsides” is the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy. Naval officers and crew still serve aboard her today. The vessel can be found at the Charlestown Navy Yard and the U.S.S Constitution Museum is just across the pier. There you will find engaging and hands-on experiences along with information on how the ship was built, sailed, and preserved.

Discover Boston’s History 

Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution, is just a short subway, taxi, or car ride from Revere. 

While in Beantown, you can enjoy a walk along the Freedom Trail where you can learn a wealth of information about the path to revolution for colonists. Or, for those who want something more lighthearted, a trolley or Duck Boat Tour would also be a great way to explore Boston and Massachusetts history, from land and sea. 

Explore Boston Harbor Islands

If the spring weather cooperates, it is worth a boat ride to explore the Boston Harbor Islands. 

Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park is made up of 34 islands and peninsulas that allow for outdoor recreation, relaxing and learning about the local history. Hop on the MBTA Blue Line in Revere at Wonderland and head to the Park Ferry which will take you to the islands where you can explore, picnic, hike, walk or just enjoy the day learning about the role Boston and the neighboring communities play in our national history. 

This short list is just the start of your adventures this spring in Revere and the communities beyond. Let us know what adventures you set out on and how Revere played a role in your exploration of our North Shore region.