8th Annual Revere Beach Kite Festival 

Spring is finally here after another long harsh New England winter. Bay Staters are already looking to take advantage of the short summers we get here in the northeast by getting on the sand and kicking off another beach season. What better way to do that than the Annual Revere Beach Kite Festival? 

Revere Beach, the first public beach in the United States, sits just five miles from Boston Massachusetts on a beautiful three-mile crescent stretch of coastline. It is well known for its Annual Sand Sculpting Contest, Arts Festival, great food, and exquisite vistas of Boston and surrounding waterways. 

Kite Festival 411

As the sun starts to poke out, May is the time that many get the itch to go outdoors and finally start their summers. Our 8th Annual Kite Festival is a colorful and dazzling way to kick off yet another summer season at Revere Beach. 


What is the Kite Festival? 

Every year we welcome people from all over the region to our picturesque beach to fly kites. The event features professional kite flyers showing off their amazing aircraft that range in size, shape, colors, and maneuverability. 

Children will have the opportunity to build, decorate and fly their own kites. We welcome kiter flyers to bring their own as well. 

In addition to kite flying, there will be live music, family fun activities, and of course, the amazing food from vendors in our area. So bring your appetite and all your spring beach accessories for a full day at Revere Beach. 

When is the Kite Festival? 

This year’s festival will be held in May. Check-in can be found at 410 Revere Beach Boulevard across from Kelly’s Roast Beef. 

This event is perfect for the whole family from our youngest beachgoers to our seniors. Bring a chair, and your favorite kite, and stay for the day. 

Fun & Freeing

Have you ever flown a kite? Then you know how exciting it can be to see your creation take flight and grace the sky with its presence. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, everyone can enjoy the fun and freeing feeling of kite flying. 

We welcome all to come to watch, fly your own kites, or create one on the beach. This event is the perfect way to get your toes back in the sand and kick off another summer beach season at Revere Beach.