Best Photo Opportunities Near Revere 

Calling all shutterbugs and photography lovers! Whether you are a novice or a veteran photographer, Revere has many places you may want to use for your next shot. From landscapes to sunsets, and portraits to editorial photography, prime locations and hidden spots in Revere, Massachusetts have you covered. 

Here are a few gems that you can explore this fall as the trees begin their spectacular show and the golden hour of light provides the perfect light to capture stunning photos.

Revere Beach 

Located along the three beautiful miles of a crescent-shaped bathing beach, Revere Beach faces the sparkling blue waters of Massachusetts Bay. Whether you are trying to capture the sunrise, sunset, or family photos, this location is perfect for any season. 

Come during the magic hour right before sunset to capture your senior class photo, or make the most of the early morning hours to get up close and personal with the waves, seabirds, and marine life that makes Revere Beach their home. 

Revere Beach is not just a place to spend the day at the beach but to capture those special moments with family, friends, and loved ones – just be sure to check out the “Revere Beach Clock” that has caught the eye of many social media influencers. 

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation 

Located just a few minutes from Revere, Massachusetts at Bennington St., East Boston, Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is a hidden gem that many overlook. 

Beautiful scenic views include a 360-degree view of the area from the top of a three-story observation tower. 

Snapshots of geese, marsh visitors, horses on the trail, and a beautiful sunset are right at your fingertips at this “best-kept secret” location. 

Tobin Bridge

The Tobin Bridge

For photographers who love architecture, the Boston area is a gold mine of locations. Right down Route One South, just a few short miles from Revere, Massachusetts, you will find one of the most iconic bridges in the United States – the Tobin Bridge

The Tobin traverses over the Mystic River and gives a spectacular view of the skyline of Boston and the Charlestown Naval Yard. 

At nearly seventy years old, this bridge, known for its long expanse and green coloring is an amazing location for cityscapes and architectural interest. 

Boston’s Freedom Trail

Staying in Revere during your visit to Boston?

Over the span of three miles which follows major historical landmarks and events of the Revolutionary War and colonial times is the red brick trail known as the Freedom Trail of Boston

If architecture and historical locations are your subjects of choice, this walkway can keep you occupied all day long with places like the site of the Boston Massacre, The U.S.S Constitution (Old Ironsides), Boston Common, Old North Church, and the Bunker Hill Monument to name only a few of the multiple sites along this historic trail.