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Enjoy Arts & Culture in Revere 

Revere is rich in history and has a diverse population; two things that make this city a wonderful place to immerse yourself in art and culture. Its location near Boston also makes it a wonderful place to enjoy arts and culture through the lens of its residents and the historical background of the region. 

Revere has a long history as the birthplace of the First Public Beach in America and is also known for its commitment to the art and culture of the region. From the indigenous first inhabitants of the region to the famous ride of Paul Revere and through today’s cultural and art festivals, Revere has quite the offerings for those interested in history, art, and culture. 

Here are a few events and organizations to explore in order to connect with the art and cultural offerings in Revere, Massachusetts. 

Revere Beach Art Festival 

Celebrate arts and creativity at the annual Revere Beach Art Festival. This year’s festival is set for Saturday, September 16, 2023. 

This free festival is hosted at Revere Beach, between the Markey Bridge and Wonderland Station. The Revere Beach Partnership hosts this annual event and promises some of the same artists selling their incredible pieces, and a Live Art Competition. Prizes range from $500 to $1,500 for creating a piece of artwork on the spot that embodies the charm of Revere Beach. 

This family-friendly event is held to raise funds for scholarships for Revere High School art students pursuing higher education in art. Find more festival information at

Revere History Museum 

Located at 108 Beach Street in Revere, Massachusetts, this landmark building and its inventory of historic and Archeological assets of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Revere History Museum currently contains rooms spread across three floors. Each one contains displays and artifacts providing historical perspective to visitors on various historical artifacts and information regarding Revere’s storied past.

The building is primarily being used as a cultural center, a repository for historical artifacts, displays, and a place for events that will continue to educate the citizens of Revere about its rich history. (Source: City of Revere

pavilion at revere beach

Revere’s Society for Cultural & Historic Preservation 

This organization, located within the same building as the Revere History Museum, is dedicated to preserving the City of Revere’s rich history. It is currently focused on preserving history at two locations: the Revere History Museum at 108 Beach Street, and the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground at 44 Butler Street.

Revere’s Cultural Council 

The Revere Cultural Council (RCC) is composed of diverse members appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. The RCC seeks to collaborate with local and neighboring organizations on programs that will elevate Revere’s diverse, extensive heritage and cultural background.

Each of these organizations strives to encourage the embracing of Revere’s rich history and diverse cultural offerings throughout the City. Visit each organization’s website to learn more about events and offerings in Revere, Massachusetts.