Revere – the Best Headquarters for Boston Area College Tours 

Revere is well-known as a destination for beach events like our International Sand Sculpting Competition in July, our Arts Festival in September, or one of the many live music events held right on Revere Beach during the summer months. 

While Revere offers many reasons to visit, from these beach events to the international cuisine that can be experienced at one of our many dining establishments, one of the best-kept secrets about Revere is that it is a perfect headquarters for families looking to explore colleges in Boston and in surrounding communities. 

Now that school is back in session, many high school juniors and seniors along with their families are starting to explore colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area. Revere’s close vicinity to the city, affordable accommodations, and welcoming environment make it a perfect community to use as a headquarters for exploration. 


The Greater Boston College Scene

There are 24 colleges within the Boston area and another 98 within a 50-mile radius of the city, making Bean Town a true college town. In fact, Boston has the fourth most colleges of any American city. 

The City of Boston and the surrounding communities are home to private and public colleges of varying sizes. What’s amazing about this region is not just the sheer number of colleges and universities but the amount of innovation that is ongoing at these schools. 

Take for instance the research schools of MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, and Boston University and how integral they are to medical and technological breakthroughs. And those are just a few of the institutions in Boston. There are many more within a short distance including Tufts, Brown, Wellesley, Bently, Babson and the list could go on and on. 

The Greater Boston area colleges are known not just for their innovation but also for their commitment to arts and culture such as Berklee College of Music, the New England Conservatory of Music, Mass College of Art and Design, Emmanuel, and Emerson. 

What do all of these institutions of higher education have in common? They are all easily accessible from the City of Revere. 

Let’s look at how Revere can become the perfect place to stay while visiting any number of these schools. 

Benefits of Revere as A Headquarters 

Visiting a long list of colleges in the Boston area can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful if you don’t prepare in advance with a place to stay and a course of action for traveling. 

Choosing Revere as a family headquarters for college visits can have many benefits. Here are a few to consider that will help you travel by car, train, plane, or bus as you explore the many college options in Bean Town and beyond. 

Easy Highway Access 

Revere’s great location offers easy access to and from just about anywhere by way of the metropolitan highway network and the interstate highway system. It’s also only a few minutes from Logan International Airport. 

Whether you are visiting schools on the north or south shores or out near Worcester, Revere has access to major highways like Interstate 95, Interstate 93, and Route 1 to get you there. 

Many Modes of Travel

Getting Around Boston to tour each school on your list is extremely easy with options from Revere by bus, train, taxi, or car. 

There are three Blue Line rapid transit stations within Revere which provide direct access to downtown Boston and Logan International Airport in less than 10 minutes. The MBTA Blue Line is one of four interconnected subway lines serving Greater Boston, operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Revere’s three T stops are Beachmont, Revere Beach, and Wonderland and all are within walking distance of hotels, restaurants, and Revere Beach.

In addition to public transit to and from Boston, Revere also has ride-share options and is an easy ride by car to the major universities. 

One benefit of taking public transportation to visit college campuses is that you won’t have to worry about finding parking, which can be scarce in Boston, especially during the fall months when classes are back in session. 


Revere’s hotel accommodations near public transportation or the major highways are considerably more affordable than a hotel within the City of Boston. To see our comprehensive list of accommodations and the amenities within, visit Next Stop Revere Hotels and Accommodations.