Revere, the Birthplace of the Roast Beef Sandwich

Every region of the United States has their “signature dish.” Biscuits and gravy are a southern comfort meal, while jambalaya is a favorite Cajun spicy dish of New Orleans and the surrounding area. Boston is most associated with creamy clam chowder, baked beans, and the iconic Fluffernutter sandwich. 

But did you know that Revere, Massachusetts has its own delicacy that is central to the North Shore and the community? -The Roast Beef Sandwich! 

Kelly's Roast Beef

A Little Background on the Roast Beef Sandwich

For centuries, the English have eaten Roast Beef as a formal main course dish. But, it evolved in 1951 into our much-beloved sandwich in Revere, Massachusetts when roast beef, leftover from a canceled wedding, was carved thin and served on a hot dog bun at Kelly’s! 

This fluke moment was enjoyed by patrons and has since paved the way for the famous Kelly’s Roast Beef sandwich that we all know and love. Since that fateful day, many variations of that sandwich have evolved including adding cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo, and pickles. A “Three Way” Roast Beef Sandwich has become known to locals as a roast beef sandwich with thinly-sliced roast beef, a slice of American cheese, James River barbecue sauce, and mayonnaise spread all over.

Since that first sandwich, Kelly’s Roast Beef has gone on to attain national television attention on the Food Network’s show $40 a Day with Rachael Ray, a PBS Special called “Sandwiches You Will Like,” Saturday Night Live, and on the silver screen in Boston natives Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s movie, Good Will Hunting.

Kelly'sThe Birth of a Revere Landmark 

Kelly’s Roast Beef co-founders Ray Carey and Frank McCarthy started with just a simple sandwich, but they didn’t stop there. Not only is the Revere Kelly’s a local, regional, and national landmark alongside Revere Beach, they have expanded to include four Massachusetts locations and won numerous awards including Boston’s best lobster roll, renowned roast beef, and tastiest clam chowder.

Visit the original location in Revere or head to Danvers, Saugus, or Medford to enjoy a beef sandwich or “Three Way” in the combination of topping in the way you like it served on a fresh hamburger bun. 

People from the North Shore are serious about their roast beef sandwiches and will debate the science of what combination is best. Come in and decide for yourself what size, amount of sauce, and delectable topping you want on your sandwich. Then you can say you ate at the famous Kelly’s Roast Beef! 

Four Locations 

Try one of the four locations! The original at Revere Beach, 410 Revere Beach Boulevard, Revere, MA, the Saugus locations at Route One South at Lynn Fells Parkway, the Danvers location at 165 Endicott St. near the Liberty Tree Mall or the newest location at 35 Revere Beach Parkway, Medford, Massachusetts. 

If you’re considering stopping by Revere Beach make sure you take a look at Kelly’s live beach camera before you come!