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Sweet Treats & Ice Cream in Revere, Massachusetts 

Summer means fun in the sun, heading to the beach, and treating yourself to something sweet or cool during these sweltering days. From the refreshing frozen delights at Revere’s ice cream shops to the mouthwatering and heavenly deliciousness of freshly baked goods, Revere has a long list of shops and bakeries to choose from for your next sweet treat. 

Ice Cream Delights 

Summer and ice cream go together like milk and cookies. Thankfully, Revere has many options for enjoying these refreshing treats after a day at the beach. Here are just a few of our favorites to explore. 

  • Kells Kreme – Located at 437 Revere Beach Boulevard, this iconic beachfront ice cream shop is known for offering generous soft-serve ice cream cones and other frozen treats. Whether you want a cool soft serve, creamy shake, or go all out for a sundae, you will love the service and ice cream offerings at Kells Kreme. 
  • Twist & Shake – Also located beachside at 82 Revere Beach Boulevard, Twist and Shake is known for having some of the best ice cream around from Lime Rickeys to traditional sundaes and everything in between. 
  • Torretta’s Bakery & Ice Cream, located at 652 Winthrop Avenue, is an old-school Italian bakery and ice cream shop. Enjoy their frozen treats, like slushies or gelatos, or indulge in one of their delicious bakery items. 
  • Ice Cream on Wheels is great if you are looking for something more mobile and memorable for a treat. 

Revere Bakeries & Goodies 

If your idea of a treat is something baked fresh and ready to devour, then you may want to visit some of these bakeries in Revere. 

  • Dandee Donut Factory, located at 1141 Revere Beach Parkway, offers fresh donuts, coffees, and unique beverages. They also bake fresh cookies, brownies, croissants, turnovers, and many more delights for your sweet tooth. 
  • Manne’s Bakery, located at 910 Broadway Street Revere, is a 3rd generation-owned and operated family bakery. Originally established in the North End of Boston in 1942, the Revere location offers a large variety of Italian bread, pastries, cookies, and calzones. 
  • Luberto’s Pastry Shop, located at 208 Broadway Street, is a family-owned and operated bakery that has been hard at work for 35 years. Enjoy pizza, and pastries, or sip a great cappuccino, espresso, or mochaccino.
  • Casablanca House of Pastry, located at 151 Veterans of Foreign Wars Parkway is known for its tasty baked goods, sweets, and cakes. They also offer a full scope of viennoiseries, morning merchandise, cakes, baked goods, pizza, and sandwiches.
  • Sabrine Bakery & Cafe, located at 91 Centennial Avenue, offers traditional handmade Moroccan food and pastries. 


After a day at the beach or out exploring with family, you are sure to want something yummy and delicious. Try some of these tasty treats from some of Revere’s finest ice cream and bake shops!