Things To Do & Visit – Less Than An Hour From Revere

We love Revere, we love the surrounding area and communities just as much! From lighthouse tours to quaint shopping villages, Revere is within an hour’s drive to so many amazing spots. 

If you love a Sunday drive, you can explore so much of our beautiful state with its historic landmarks, world-class museums, art exhibits, architecture, rocky shores, mountain trails, and all the uniqueness New England has to offer. 

Driving an hour from Revere can take you out to Worcester, Massachusetts, down to the Cape Cod bridges, and as far north as historic Portsmouth. 


Heading North – Rockport, Gloucester & Portsmouth

While we don’t have time today to cover all the spots you could visit along the main roads of Route 128/95 heading north, we would like to point out several of our favorite day trips that can keep you interested and enthralled from breakfast to dinner. 

Heading north up scenic route 128 or backroads up coastal route 127, you can stop in three North Shore towns to explore – Manchester-By-the Sea, Gloucester, and Rockport. 

Take in the melodic sounds of the sand at Singing Beach in Manchester, take a lighthouse tour in Gloucester, or visit the quaint shops of Bearskin Neck along Rockports scenic harbor. While there you can take photos of Motif #1 along the shore, visit the Fisherman Statue or Hammond Castle in Gloucester, or watch the boats at Manchester Bay. 

If you have time you can head even further north to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where you can spend the day going in and out of shops and tasting the wide variety of foods in the plethora of restaurants and diners along the cobblestone streets. 

Cape Cod dunes

Heading South – Plymouth & Cape Cod 

Heading south down Interstate 93/128 and on to Route 3 will take you to the area we New Englanders call “The Cape.” Before you head to the many lovely villages on the island, be sure to stop by Plymouth, Massachusetts, and visit Plymouth Rock, the traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in December 1620. While you are there, visit the replica of the Mayflower on display in the harbor. 

Once you arrive at Cape Cod, you have a comprehensive list of things to do and places to visit including, swimming, golfing, walking the National Seashore, riding along the rail trail, going on a whale watch, or just sitting on one of the hundreds of beaches and relaxing! 

Heading West

Take Interstate 90 to head west from Revere and end up in the second largest city in Massachusetts – Worcester. There you can enjoy the many vistas that look over the mountains or back toward the city skyline. 

While you are there, be sure to visit the Worcester Art Museum. The Historical Museum, or any of the many colleges that dot the city. Children love the Ecotarium where you can visit three full floors of animals of all types, nature trails, and a train ride in the fall.