Paul Revere Museum


Trace Your Roots at the Revere History Museum

New England and Massachusetts in particular are rich with culture and history. Practically at every turn, there are historic sites, monuments, and cultural landmarks that tell the story of our corner of the globe from early colonial times through the heyday pavilions and big bands at Revere Beach. 

The City of Revere, just five miles outside of Boston is named after one of the Sons of Liberty who is probably most well-known for his famed “midnight ride” to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn two leaders of the group, Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were on their way to arrest them. His secret signaling system on the lanterns of the Old North Church  “two if by land one if by sea” helped alert the militia as to what direction the British were headed. 

Paul Revere Statue

The Revere History Museum 

Located at 108 Beach Street in Revere, Massachusetts, the Revere History Museum provides a look into the history and culture of Revere through original photos, memorabilia, artwork, and display items. 

The Revere Society for Cultural and Historic Preservation (RSCHP), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to preserving the history of our city and lives by the mission to tell the history of our city one artifact at a time. 

The structure which houses our museum was once a parochial residence and was rescued from the wrecking ball after it went into disrepair. Its architectural significance has since been restored to the Colonial Revival period. The building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Overall the museum has four floors with sixteen rooms. Twelve of the rooms contain displays and artifacts. 

What Can I See at the Revere History Museum? 

There is more to learn about our city than the story of Paul Revere and the evolution of the Revere Beach area. As you spend some time walking around the museum you will quickly learn about the role that many Revere citizens played in the Revolutionary War including more on events such as the “Battle of Chelsea Creek”, the site of the First Naval Battle of the Revolutionary War.

In addition to an extensive amount of memorabilia regarding Revere Beach being named America’s First Public Beach, there are many photos, artwork, and display items that show the history of Wonderland Amusement Park which made Revere the “Playground of New England.” 

As you tour the museum you will find out more about our agricultural history including the seven farms and the historic spice mill named Slade’s Mill. Along with agricultural history, you can read and see artifacts that show our local rail and air history, as well as stories of our veterans who served in the armed forces or as first responders. 

The Museum building also contains large meeting rooms that are used for RSCHP historical presentations and for other area non-profit organizations to host their meetings.

The Museum Gift Shop has a variety of Revere and Revere Beach-themed items including books, postcards, posters, and shirts. 

Admission and Hours 

The Museum is currently open for special events or by appointment. Admission is free but a $3 donation from non-members is appreciated. Appointments may be made for individual, group, or school visits and can be customized to your interests. Call 781-286-2226 or email