Fair Price Market


Visit Revere’s Local Food Markets 

One of the truly unique things about the City of Revere is that while it is considered a City by population, it feels more like a small community. In part, this is due to the community feel of many of the businesses such as local markets that cater to our diverse population. 

Let’s explore some of these local markets so that as a resident or visitor, you can enjoy them as much as we do. 

Around the World Food Markets 

Sampling cuisine from around the world is easy in Revere as we have local food markets that provide ample opportunities to taste foods from around the world. Either shop for prepared foods or the ingredients to prepare at home. 

Here are some options to choose from in Revere business districts. 

  • Sayar Food Market, located at 3 Everett Street, unit 3E, provides international Halal foods. Items available at the store include fresh halal meat at the butcher, pastries, and bread in the bakery, and a large variety of grocery items from North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey & Europe. There is plenty of free parking and easy access via Route 1A, 16 & 107  and the Revere Beach T stop on the MBTA. 
  • Vinny’s Food Market, located at 296 Malden Street in Revere offers authentic imported and homemade Italian foods. The market is a family-owned and operated establishment that has been a neighborhood favorite for decades.
  • La Oaxaqueña, located at 701 Broadway Street is a 100% Mexican food market filled with authentic ingredients and offerings. This family business was born to bring rich and extensive Mexican culture and flavor to American land. It is proud to offer a wide variety of Mexican and Central American products of the highest quality.
  • Sabella’s Ravioli, located at 910 Broadway Street, is a family-owned and operated business that offers traditional Italian dishes made fresh daily. 
  • El Tipico Market, at 227 Revere Street, offers 100% Salvadoran products. 
  • New Deal Fruit, located at 920 Broadway Street, is in its fourth generation of family ownership by the Petruzzelli family. They describe their market as “a modern-day food emporium with the feel of an authentic Italian market.” Part of their legacy is selling high-quality fruits and vegetables as well as hand-sliced deli meats and oversized submarine sandwiches.
  • Fair Price Market, at 1470 North Shore Road, offers Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. They try to capture the world’s finest ingredients in their dishes and it shows.

Visit Next Stop Revere for a more comprehensive listing of local food markets and start exploring the cuisine from around the world within our beautiful and diverse city.