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Why Open or Operate a Small Business in Revere, Massachusetts? 

The City of Revere is on the rise. The post-pandemic economy is slowly coming back and small businesses are seeing major strides in employee development, infrastructure improvements, and professional services geared toward supporting both developing and existing businesses. 

If you are considering opening a small business, whether it be a retail store or a mom-and-pop restaurant, Revere has so much to offer including location and support without the high price tag of a major metropolitan city. 

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Why Revere? 

If you’re wondering why Revere might be the best place to set up shop and watch your business grow, here are some reasons to help sway your decision. 

District Improvements

Both the Broadway Central Business District and the Shirley Avenue Business District are undergoing major improvements related to infrastructure, lighting, and signage. 

The Broadway Corridor is home to many city services including Revere City Hall, the Senior Center, Veterans Affairs Office, Harry Della Russo Stadium, and the Central Fire Station. Infrastructure improvements such as better lighting, business signage, new and improved EV charging stations, and accessibility improvements have helped revitalize this area. 

Like the Broadway area, the Shirley Avenue Business District is also experiencing a  transformation that will benefit our businesses. In 2015, the City secured a MassWorks grant for $2 million. The grant has been used to complete streetscape improvements meant to complement significant utility upgrades, lighting enhancements, and accessibility improvements. The City supports ongoing special events in the district, such as the Shirley Avenue Cultural Festival and Shirley Avenue Night Market Series.

Access to Public Transportation

Many people looking to do business need transportation and access to shops, retailers, and storefronts. 

Revere is not only located on three MBTA Blue Line stops at Wonderland, Revere Beach, and Beachmont but there is also the prospect of ​​connecting neighboring towns and cities via a regional Blue Line-Red Line connector.

If you are visiting the area by car, Revere is conveniently located off Route 1, 128, 93, and 95. These routes connect Revere to downtown Boston, Cambridge’s Kendall Square, the Seaport District, and the North Shore region. 

By air, Revere is just a few short miles from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. These transportation options do not even begin to cover the rideshare and bike-share options, like Revere’s Blue Bikes, are continuing to develop in our area. 

Local & Regional Business Resources 

Our city wants your business to thrive. As such we support our business community through many resources, both professional and financial. 

The Revere Chamber of Commerce offers assistance and support on how to start your business in Revere as well as how to grow it for established businesses. 

The Department of Planning and Community Development operates a variety of programs designed to support the resilience and growth of Revere small businesses. These include grants, technical assistance, and licensing. Within these programs, Revere offers a range of one-time and ongoing financial assistance programs to eligible Revere businesses. Please contact the Department of Planning and Community Development for more information. 

Regional Opportunities 

Revere sits within the neighborhoods that surround Boston. Within a small distance are 10 major colleges and universities, some of the most advanced medical institutions in the world, and a huge draw to the area for innovation, biotech, sciences, and manufacturing. 

To say that Revere has a little something for everyone would be underselling it. From the beauty of the coastline to the historical prominence of the region to the immense diversity, our city can help your business blossom and thrive.