Revere Public Library

In 1901, Revere received a grant from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in the amount of $20,000 for the construction of a new library building. The Library was dedicated and officially opened on November 18, 1903. The building represents the Georgian Revival and American Renaissance styles of architecture. Located within Revere’s Historical District and a block over from Rumney Marsh Burying Ground and Revere History Museum, the location and architecture play an important role in creating an impressive, interesting institution which, in itself, attracts persons to admire and visit the Revere Public Library.

The library building holds a significant place in the history of the City of Revere. It is an excellent example of the freedom of design and commitment to service that the Carnegie libraries across America attempted to represent. The interior of this landmark building illustrates no less grandeur of style and attention to craftsmanship.The Revere Public Library remains one of the few Carnegie buildings to have never undergone expansion and we invite you to stop by and step in living history.