A Heritage All Our Own

Massachusetts is rich in history and Revere certainly has its share. Our visible historic ties date back to 1624 with the first settlers of Boston. Our sleepy farming village was then known as Rumney Marsh. Our community provided the area with farms for food and livestock, while also serving as a natural resting point for travelers headed to Boston or Salem and Gloucester.

The area’s expansive salt marshes were a prominent environmental feature that limited dense settlement. Through its incorporation within Chelsea in 1739, Rumney Marsh remained a relatively stable, rural community situated between the activity centers of Lynn and Boston and remained such until the nineteenth century. A record of Chelsea’s history indicates that the name Rumney Marsh was favored for many years after its incorporation as the Town of Chelsea


Ye Old Rumney Marsh Burial Ground

The First Period cemetery served as a final resting place for settlers of what was then the village of Rumney Marsh and Boston.The first internment was recorded in 1693 and the last took place in 1929. Here lie buried numerous veterans of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.


Revere’s heritage dates to the early colonial era when this sleepy farming village was known as Rumney Marsh. Our community has contributed to the American Revolution and is home to the author that conceptualized the American Dream of lifting yourself up by your bootstraps. Click here to learn more!