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5 Things To Do Next Time You Visit Revere

Revere is a historic coastal community on the North Shore of Massachusetts with direct access to Boston via public or private transportation. It is just minutes from world-class museums and historic landmarks and is home to the first public beach in the nation. 

Revere boasts cuisine and dining from around the world, family-friendly events year-round and over a thousand hotel rooms for your accommodation. It has something for everyone and now is the time to explore this beautiful city named after one of the nation’s famous Patriots and craftsmen – Paul Revere. 

Let’s examine some of the historic landmarks, fun activities, tasty dining options and scenic spots you may want to visit next time you are in Revere. 

1 – Visit the Site of the Battle of Chelsea Creek 

The City of Revere is home to one of the first naval engagements of the American Revolution known as the Battle of Chelsea Creek. 

In a recent blog on this battle, we discussed the importance of this middle of the night battle and how it played a role in the eventual success of the colonists to break from British rule. Here is a quick recap.

On May 27, 1775, American militiamen, led by Colonel John Stark as well as a militia from New Hampshire and Connecticut, raided Chelsea, on the northern shore of Boston Harbor. They were looking for livestock such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, along with any other supplies that could be used to gain an advantage.  

When the colonists were removing the livestock, a British schooner, the HMS Diana, was heading up Chelsea Creek during an unusually high king tide. Once the colonists were detected, the HMS Diana was ordered to support the British armed forces and to cut off any chance of escape for the colonials. The colonists retreated to Hog Island pursued by the HMS Diana.

As the tide began to recede the HMS Diana got stuck in the bogs and marshes, causing the British sailors to abandon the ship for cover. This spate of bad luck allowed the colonists to attack and seize any munitions, supplies and cannons on board before they set the vessel ablaze. 

Not only was the Battle of Chelsea Creek the first naval battle documented during the American Revolution, but it was a jubilant victory for the colonists. This victory showed the colonists that they could team together with regimens from other colonies and work as a unified militia to defeat the British. 

2 – Take in Revere Beach 

The 3 miles of crescent beach known as Revere Beach is known as the nation’s first public beach. It has a long history of being “the” place for families to spend their summers sunbathing and enjoying the carnival rides on the boardwalk. 

Whether you love a day at the beach or just want to learn more about the history of Revere Beach, spring and summer is the best time to enjoy the events and activities centered around this beautiful swath of sand. 

3 – Enjoy a Community Festival 

Throughout the year, Revere Beach and the surrounding area become home to some of the most well-attended festivals in the country. The Annual International Sand Sculpting Festival hosted by the Revere Beach Partnership is held every summer and boasts a hundred thousand visitors excited to catch a glimpse of the sand sculptures created by artists from around the globe. 

Other festivals include the Revere Kite Festival, Revere Art Festival, Revere Beach Pumpkin 5k and so much more. 

4 – Try International Cuisine 

Revere is home to some amazing restaurants and dining establishments with cuisines from around the globe. With options such as Mexican, Columbian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, and Thai cuisine, Revere is a foodies’ dream come true. 

There is truly something for everyone here. Foodies will delight in the wide variety of options and the freshness and family atmosphere that many of these dining establishments offer. Check out our recent blog on the cuisine options around Revere.

5 –  Explore Surrounding Communities 

Revere is the perfect location to find comfortable and affordable accommodations that are close to all the communities you want to visit. With over 1,200 hotel rooms available on any given day, Revere can be your headquarters as you head out to explore Lexington and Concord, Boston or any of the world-class higher education institutions that are in neighboring communities. 

For more ideas on what you may want to explore while you are in the area, visit Next Stop Revere for dining options, accommodations, a calendar of events and plenty of resources to plan your stay.